About MPR Partners

We are an internationally recommended and award winning law firm with a client-orientated, innovative and creative approach. Our recognition comes from reputed legal ranking publications at both international and local level.

We have gained in-depth knowledge of relevant legal framework and practicalities covering all areas of interest for private business and public administration sectors. We are a full-service law firm also providing integrated specialized tax advisory and insolvency (restructuring & bankruptcy) services, our clients coming back to us on every occasion, both for day-to-day advice and strategic assistance in complex transactions, investment projects and disputes.

About our Environment practice

Nowadays one cannot conceive businesses, whether unfolding under hazardous auspices or not, without thinking of compliance and liability triggered by the environmental regulations. Accordingly, environment protection and care for climate change became issues of everyday life for most undertakings. Having consolidated and expanded its environment practice in the last years, MPR Partners delivers fine legal advice on the complexities of environmental regulations and liabilities, related health and safety matters, permitting and compliance programs and helps clients understand the environmental matters that impact their businesses.

Should you want to learn more about our firm and all the practice areas we professionally cover, please visit our website.